image of a sunset with Grant Stoker over it
image of Grant Stoker

About the photographer

As a teenager many of my friends began to get into photography. Some of them were simply fortunate enough to have parents buy them a DSLR, and others saved for months to get a good starter camera, but somewhere between the mix I became fascinated with the idea of capturing moments. It came to the point where I couldn't see a sunset without wondering how to capture it.

Years later, my passion for photography was officially sparked when I won a Canon DSLR package at my place of employment, Progrexion Marketing. A few months later I took an introductory course to visual communications and began to use the camera for the first time. From there I took a digital imaging course and fell completely in love with photography, particularly macro and portrait photography. I also like how photography gets me out of my apartment and off on adventures I wouldn't normally have. The excuse of capturing where I go helps add purpose and fun to the voyages I take with my wife. And since I am a relatively new photographer, I am always working to expand my knowledge and portfolio. Always feel free to check back in for updates and new projects!